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Grand Hotel Fr Saison 2 Torrent jarvgeor

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The second series of the famous Spanish detective drama "Grand Hotel" (Gran Hotel, 2011-2013 based on the dramatic novel by Pedro Calderon "Life is a dream").
Her partner in the film was the popular director Mario Casas. In this film, Salma Hayek played the title role. This is the first adaptation of Caldern's novel in cinema, and Salma plays the main role in it.
For her supporting role in this story, the actress received a prize at the Edinburgh Film Festival.
If you haven't read it, I recommend it. The story is based on real events in 1911, and this story has a little secret - its action takes place on the same day as the events described in the famous detective story. Salma plays the role of a liar and a murderer, but at the same time she allegedly lives in the Grand Hotel for these three days.
The film received several awards:
- Drama Desk Award for Best Actress in a Drama Film (Salma Hyatt);
- Prize of the Cana Film Festival (2017);
The film will be released in Russia in November 2019. fe70933767