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#; BUT; B; FROM; D; E; F; GRAM; HOUR; I; J; TO; l; M; H; ABOUT; P; Question; R; FROM; T; U; IN; W; X; Y; Z; Another.
How to write a word in a column:
There are several ways to write a word as a column:
The first way: writing in the form of two columns in a row of 8 letters.
The second way: list the letters in the alphabet until the end so that one column remains. At the end, you must write the number after it, as well as another letter. Similarly, it can be written as 2 columns.
The third way: write the letter in different places. For example: P E R A N E T I T.
The fourth way: write the word in dashes vertically, in capital letters horizontally and write out the letters in brackets. You can also write the word in a column, put a dot in the center. If this word is not a surname, but refers to the name, then you can simply write out the words through a dash.
The complete algorithm for writing a word in a column:
1. Read the words in alphabetical order, moving from left to right.
2. Find the letter in the last of the letters that the eye falls on, select the corresponding letter in the alphabet for it (you can find it by rearranging the letters in the words).
3. Rearrange the letters in the word. For example, the word BUNNY - FINCH.
4. Rewrite the word in the given form. For example RAMUZHIK.
If the word is a surname or given name, then you need to remove: - letters at the end, - letters before the first and last letters of the word, - remove at the ends of words, etc. as Sayo Hikawa from the anime BanG Dream! Monogatari" was released in 2014. The book includes stills from animated films and voiceovers, as well as photographs, videos, and articles about the life of the actress.
Haruki is a regular guest of Japanese pop duos such as Tora no Arashi, Wakeru, TATSUI and is the face of many clothing and perfume brands. f02ee7bd2b